Webinar Reports

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Sl.No Date Resource Person Topic Report
01 03-07-2020 Dr. Partha T "Teaching is an Attitude, "Be" a Teacher" Click here
02 27-07-2020 Dr. A Anantharaman "Management: Past, Present and Future" Click here

Recent Activity

Sl.No Date Topic Report
01 02-01-2020 Teacher's Day Celebration Click here

Guest Lecture Reports

Sl.No Date Resource Person Topic Report
01 02-01-2020 D Rajendra Tax Planning for Individual Click here
02 07-01-2020 Dr.Shankerlinge Gowda (Rtd) Talk on Status of Indian Economy Click here
03 23-01-2020 Dr. B L Shankar Talk on Indian Constitution Click here
04 11-06-2018 Mr.Ramani Venkat Training session on professional Skills for Commerce Graduates Click here
05 13-06-2018 Mr.Ranjith S Awareness program on Chartered Accountant session Click here
05 17-12-2018 Mr. Venkatesh Awareness program on Digital Banking – Seminar & Account Opening Click here
06 18-12-2018 Mr. Rakesh Raghunath Dynamics of Stock Market – Seminar & Demat Account Opening Process for Staff and Students Click here
07 19-12-2018 Mr. Rakesh Raghunath Awareness Program on Usage of E-Wallets and PAN card Mela Click here

Industrial Visits

Sl.No Date Topic Report
01 19-02-2020 to 20-02-2020 Jnana Vignana Tantragana Mela Click here
02 28-02-2020 to 4-03-2020 Educational Tour Click here
03 1-04-2019 to 4-04-2019 Industrial Visit to KDHP Co-operative Pvt. Ltd, Kerala. Click here
04 15-06-2018 Industrial Visit to Nandini Hi-Tech Product plant, Shettihalli Click here